Access Growing Supplies

Providing a start to finish solution to your Greenhouse farming needs. Ensuring you have a maximum yield with a minimum of effort.

We Combine New Tech with Old School Talent

Using state of the art technology with decades of experience, we can design your success from the top down from our years of experience. We know what it takes to create and maintain a good operational farm and make each harvest count.

Our Products

The Greenhouse Structures

Our Steel and Polycarbonite greenhouses are perfect for year round growing. These are extremely efficient greenhouses and are approximately 30′ x 90′ in size including blackout curtains and automated windows.

Seeds, Soil and Nutrients

We can supply your fertilizer and soil needs as you continue to grow your farm business. Providing the right food and micronutrients to make the plants more vital and healthy, and pest control supplies as needed too.

Our Equipment Selection

Providing the right combination of gear that all works in an integrated way can make the difference between success and failure. We include Lighting, AC/Heat, Dehumidifiers, CO2 Generation, Irrigation and Ventilation.

Expert Consulting Available

Our online “Expert Growing Guru” is available to identify any plant problems you might have. Basic consulting is included in each sale, additional consulting is available on an hourly basis.

Systems Integration

We have designed our equipment package to perfectly compliment the greenhouse’s dimentions.

Crop Rotation Timing

Our crop rotation plan includes alternately loading the plants into each of the two greenhouses to allow for a monthly harvest.

Online Grow Classes

We are partnered with Oaksterdam University in California to offer our clients additional help to learn the Biz.

We know plants, and we grow plants… and if you want to do what we do, we can help you get your farm up and running.

Our careful selection of grow equipment, plus our providing you the plans to set it all up, makes it so easy to succeed. And our decades of experience, will dramatically increase the level of your success.


Try Our Greenhouse Starter Kit with two

30’x90′ Greenhouses!

Our kits are designed with ease and flow in mind. From the start we included the space and equipment to easily create a successful indoor gardening operation.

Two Greenhouses

This basic package includes the two 30′ x 90′ steel and poly greenhouses with black-out curtains for flowering.
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Two Greenhouses + with Added Equipt.

This includes the two greenhouses, plus the recommended lights, fans, AC/Heat, CO2 Generators & Dehumidifiers.
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Right Tools for the Job

See our techniques and tools

Our equipment packages create a closed system growing space where temperature, humidity, CO2 and water are all controlled.

Results speak for themselves

Our basic kit includes the buildings and equipment needed to create a successful crop. Our knowledge of growing and our support services help insure you will be successful. 

Get In Touch Anytime 

Contact us to discuss your needs and set up a consultation. We can help you see if these greenhouses are a right fit for your needs. Let us show you how you can create a successful farm.

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